duminică, 13 iulie 2014

run, run, run

run, run, run

Fitness has always been in my life in some sort of capacity.  When I was younger and in my early teenage years, I was always on a school team or youth league of some sort.  After high school, I spent six years in the military and fitness was a part of every day life. In reference to the above quote, I've always referred to 'pain' as the sores and aches that sneak up on you after a good work out.  It wasn't until the passing of someone dear to me that the definition changed.  Now running has becoming a stress relief, and more importantly a way for me to cope with a loss.  It's worked.  Here are a couple snapshots from a 12 miler I did last week with the BF along the ocean.  

**btw, these were my first time breaking in my new Saucony's - not bad after 12 miles!**

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